Family Transition Counseling

Dying old woman in hospital bed with caring man

Everyone knows someone that has passed on to glory and left behind family members that carry the guilt of what if?

What if they had apologized for some indiscretion?

What if they had told them they loved them more?

What if they had confessed the feelings or actions that they had done that could of changed that persons life?

What if they had shared their love of God?

Thousands of families experience the transition of a family member. Whether it is bringing parents from their home to yours, moving them to nursing homes or hospice, bring healthcare into the home. These create tensions and stress and recall old hurts, emotions, issues and grievances.

You need someone to help with all the questions, anger, feelings of hopelessness and grief.

I can share that burden with you! I have over 43 years of experience in resolving issues for the ill and the family. Let me help to make this life change a smooth, loving transition for all.

I can help you by providing comfort and compassion. A willing ear to hear your concerns, and a shoulder to carry part of you burden through the hardest of times with the uplifting truth that will ease some of your pain.

Call now at 727-799-2006! Let me help.  




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